LAZY eMTB Riders

We have all been there.  You see a guy on an e-bike and first thoughts are: hmn, lazy, non-rider, poser.


Chain Reaction Cycles recently did a little research on this.  Here is what they found:

As a follow up to our initial video e-MTB: what’s the point? I decided to do a non scientific test, in response to some comments saying e-bikes were for ‘lazy riders’.

I wanted to see the differences in distance travelled, heart rate and speed during a one hour ride…


The Test:

So, how did I get on? Well, the ride took in a mixture of climbing, descending and technical sections and the stats sum it up pretty well – unsurprisingly I covered more ground on the e-mtb, but I didn’t expect it to be almost double the distance of the standard bike.

The top speed was higher on the e-mtb, as was the average speed but most significantly, my heart rate was higher on average and it topped out the highest on the e-mtb too. Why? It certainly felt like I never stopped pedalling – no resting, no recovery time: just flat out fun. Maybe the extra thrill/danger raised my heart beat too…?


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