First Rides on Bull's Monster eBike

January 14, 2017

Its hard to believe that I am already in my 4th winter on a fatbike.  I cycle all year around and have done so for many many years.  My pre-fat bike life I rode on mountain bikes with studded tires.  It worked well, but if you have never had cake, I suppose you would be happy with plain white bread.  Fatbikes are just stupid fun.  I know there are riders that take it serious, and there are competitions and races to be had, but for me, it is less about the work and more about the smile.


Then along came pedal assisted bikes.  Then the pedal assist fatbikes.  If  Fatbike = Funbike, then Fatbike + Pedal Assist =  Silly, Crazy out of this world Funbike!  


Its simply delivers a broader smile.  Don't get me wrong,  its not for everyone.  A purist cyclist in North America (its all changed in Europe but that's another story) will likely give you the same look that we all cyclists received in the 1980's when hikers started to see mountain bikers on "their" trails. "They don't belong here."  


It will take time for many to "get it", but the technology is now here.  Bosch has done an amazing job with their motors and power-packs that can last for hours on end and open up new vistas for both the casual rider or a veteran who would just like a big extra shot of adrenaline.  Come on down and visit us at either location for a test ride.  The proof is in the riding!



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