Bulls Takes Moose!

April 14, 2017

Moose Mountain is located just west of Calgary in beautiful Kananaskis Country.  It is a jewel.  This time of year it is usually dry, but El whoever he is supplied us with a late spring snowfall.  Mountain bike trails found nearby in West Bragg Creek or Sulphur Springs trails would be wet and muddy on a day such as today.  Mountain bikers should stay off, but many just can't wait to get out.  This results in damaged trails and hard work for the many volunteers who put in time maintaining them.


There is an alternative however.  This time of year the Moose Mountain Fire road is closed off to vehicle traffic and delivers some of the most beautiful scenery in the area.  Sure its not a single track ride, but it is an amazing beautiful quiet ride. 


Today it was perfect! Just above freezing temperature, bathed in bright sunlight.  A great day to be out.


The Bulls Monster eBike happens also to be the perfect bike for the job.  With a variety of mud snow and ice on the road, this would have been a tough slog on anything less.  Averaging about 18km/h we rode at a medium effort, but could have gone faster or taken your time and expended less energy.  If you can ride a bike, you could do this on a Bulls Monster.  If you ride a bike hard, you could have likely averaged double our speed.  That is the beauty of an eBike:  You ride it the way you want to!



Video of today's ride:





Copy and paste to check out the GPS Satellite view of this ride at:











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