Nose Hill Park Winter Fat Bike

April 8, 2018




I live in Calgary, just like many of the readers out there.  I think we can all agree we live here because we like being close to the mountains and all the recreational opportunities they present.  However.... work gets in the way much of the time... sorry Boss, but it's true.  So I try my best to fit in whatever fun I can have before, after, on my way to, and back from work... and sometimes during work too... ugghh sorry again Boss!


I've been fortunate to work in a place that gives me the opportunity to have fun with the product we sell.  E-bikes are riding a big "e-wave" right now with growing popularity.  I hope to describe my journey through to where I am at now with E-bikes and share some on my impressions on the Haibike Fatsix 8.0 I recently had the opportunity to get to know for a little over a week time.


We have such an awesome bicycle path system here in Calgary!  I think it will keep improving over time as well.  When I purchased our house here in the NW I was thinking I was out of luck for a safe and efficient way to ride my bicycles to work.  I was mistaken though and once spring rolled around I was riding to and from work 2-4 days per week.  The amount of terrain options I had were amazing.  I could ride my road bike and not touch a bit of dirt, with only about 2 blocks of street riding.  I could also ride about 50% of my way on mountain bike trails with average technical challenge and definitely some elevation as well.  WE ARE SO LUCKY!


Haibike is a brand we recently started to sell here at AlbertaEbikes, and of course I wanted to try out the Yamaha drive system that comes on many of their models. 




The Haibike Fatsix 8.0 comes with the Yamaha PW drive system, along with Rock Shox Bluto front suspension, platform pedals, Magura brakes,  and a XLC AllMtn dropper seat post!  I anticipated a slow and heavy feel to a typical fat bike.  I was completely wrong.  By adding the Yamaha PW System at the crank this bike feels very light, nimble, and FUN! 

Riding an E- Fat bikes give me such a similar feel to riding dirt bikes that I often find myself pushing that edge of control more often than I should.  Climbs are now fun to tackle, downhills are even more fun, and with the added contact patch of the fat tires, traction is very reassuring


My rides consisted of mostly paved trail with the odd excursion into some trails along the creek.  The part about commuting for me is I want it to be quick and fun.  With the Fatsix 8.0 I was able to push the  limit in most sections making my commute only 5 min longer that it would be if I drove my vehicle with minimal traffic.  I know for certain that on some days when traffic is slowed with volume or poor conditions, I would make it to work quicker on the bike.

Hitting the unpaved sections I chose to hit is where the fun starts.  The trail was pretty chewed up by people walking and biking on it when it was melting, but the fat tires just float over the top and beg the rider to keep pushing.  What a way to start or end the workday right?  It also opens up a whole new FUN factor with the ability to approach different sections with more speed and more flow it opens up the whole technical aspect of riding bicycles.   


One last benefit I want to express.... the whole thing about E-bikes being for lazy people.  I am the exact opposite of lazy.  I participate in Ironman distance triathlons, so I do work hard. 


I was afraid riding an E-bike would not allow me to get my heart into the training zones I need to hit.  I have no trouble at all getting my heart rate into the proper training zone on E-bikes... I just ride faster, and more consistent because I can adjust the level of assist the bike is giving me. 


I also have bouts of SVT so being able to adjust the assist level helps me go easy when I need that as well.  So in summary I think an E-bike will benefit anyone who chooses to explore this exciting and fun new riding experience.


If you want to experience an E-bike I would be happy to take anyone on a test ride so you can feel the difference yourself... it's a whole new riding experience.  Come and see me at the AlbertaEbikes North location at 630 46th Ave NE!  We are right next to a major bike path too! 




Thanks for reading!!


Oh, and I would like to say, those white posts that stop vehicles from getting on to bike paths should be changed to bright yellow.... at night while it was snowing the white post popped out of nowhere and got me!  That is why there is a picture of the offending post here.

Jason Zoeteman



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Nose Hill Park Winter Fat Bike

April 8, 2018

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