All of Bulls bikes are engineered, designed, and tested at Bulls headquarters in Cologne, Germany.


BULLS has been in the eBike market since 2010, centered in continental Europe. Partnering in the development and production of eBike systems with top premium suppliers, gave BULLS a key advantage in developing the most innovative systems, far ahead of the competition then and now.


BULLS is more than a exclusive bicycle and eBIKE manufacturer. They develop and set industry standards thanks to the vision of their development team and feedback from experienced racers. All Bulls bikes are engineered, designed, and tested at Bulls headquarters in Cologne, Germany.



We have been asked why we sell the Bulls and Haibike brands vs some of the other brands available.


Based out of Germany, these two companies have been leaders in eBikes and their development for years.  They use the best technology, combine it with some of the most trustworthy cycling components available (Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Rock Shox, Shimano XT, Magura) and engineer great frames designed specifically for ebikes.


Both brands are great value for the equipment they have. There are less expensive eBikes on the market, and they may have their own purpose, but we want our customers to enjoy a superior product that will endure.


Come visit us and ride one.  Feel the quality, see the workmanship and experience the difference!







In 1995 Haibike, part of the WinoraGroup, began developing ebikes in Germany.


Susanne and Felix Puello founded the brand Haibike. Susanne is the CEO of Winora Group and great-granddaughter to the company founder, Engelbert Wiener. 


Winora (1914) has been a household name in Germany for almost a century as a maker of bicycles for the whole family, from the smallest children’s bike to a sporty trekking bike right through to the latest in electrically-assisted models. Winora bikes are modern, top quality and durable.


Since the launch of Haibike in 1995, the brand has developed new models and advanced both visually and technically, and is known one of the world leaders in ebike technology. 


In 2010 Haibike introduced the XDURO FS, which marked the beginning of the eMTB boom. 


Haibike's goal is to get more people on bikes. Bikes can make and keep us healthy – mentally as well as physically. eBikes provide that opportunity by removing many of the barriers to entry associated with traditional cycling and enticing more people to get involved. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how fit or healthy you are: eBikes are for everyone.


Go faster, farther and higher while having more fun!

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